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Quality Charolais Genetics

La Ferme Patry de Weedon welcomes you!


Jean-Pierre, Pierre-Marc, Myrianne and the children Arthur, Éléonord, Anthony and Cédrick are greatly pleased to welcome you to their farm’s website.

The farm, located in the municipality of Weedon in the province of Quebec (Canada), has a herd of 100 breeding females. Most of the bull calves are sold for breeding stock between 12 and 15 months of age. We retain approximately 20 heifer calves each year and the others are offered for sale.

All our females are born on the farm and are polled. Our breeding practices prioritizes calving ease, performance, muscle, solid limbs, high milk-production capacity and a docile nature, as well as substantial EPDs. The herd is registered with the Canadian Charolais Association’s Herd Analysis and Records Management (CHARM) program, and our cattle undergo witnessed weigh-ins under the PATBQ, the Quebec beef cattle analysis program at 200 days and at 1 year. All our bull calves are measured for loin eye, marbling, muscle fat, and scrotal circumference; they are also given a rating for limbs and musculature by a specialist in this field.

Currently, La Ferme Patry owns 650 acres of land and rents 150 acres for grazing and hay production.

At La Ferme Patry, the Charolais are worth the money spent!

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