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Herd Sires

REJA POLL MAX 12E (1995-2004)

We bought Reja Poll Max in 1995 at 8 months of age from Réjean Rodier’s Minic Farm in Drummondville (Quebec). A grandson of the popular bull Jack Dempsey, he was chosen for his conformation and docility. Reja Poll Max was the beginning of our polled Charolais herd. He never let us down. Mature weight 2550 lbs.



JLP PATRY HADDOCK 71N (2003 - 2011)

Born at the farm in 2003, we knew that Patry Haddock was going to be exceptional. His dam was one of our most productive breeding cows and he carried these genetics on in his offspring. Progeny have won Expo-Boeuf (Victoriaville) and Toronto Royal. Patry Haddock showed exceptional calving ease (11.7 / 3%) with great weight gain in both heifer and bull calves. Cows have excellent milking ability and nice udders. In the past two years, three of Haddock’s daughters have received the Gold Star Dam of Distinction Award. Haddocks marbling was 1.42 / 2%. He was homozygous polled. Mature weight 2660 lbs. Semen still available.


MR LOUBER HEAVY WEIGHT 594U (2008 - 2015)

Mr. Louber Heavy Weight was purchased in 2010 from Claude Lemay in Saint-Gérard-des-Laurentides (Quebec) as a two-year old. Heavy Weight is renowned for is docility, strong muscling and producing calves that are robust at birth. Heavy Weight’s genetics left a big mark on our herd. Mature weight 2640 lbs.



louber heavy weight.gif
patry quizno.gif

JLP PATRY QUINZO 72Z (2012 - 2017)

Quinzo is another impressive, homegrown bull. Born in 2012, Quinzo’s mother is an extremely productive milk cow (33 = 1%) that was named “Gold Star Dam of Distinction” in 2016. Quinzo’s calves are robust at birth, with great weight gain both at weaning and at 1 year. His heifers are fleshy and deep-bodied milk producing females with great legs and feet. Bull calves have great body length, wide backs and docile. His offspring have great marbling (1.35 = 2%).
5 year old weight 2720 lbs.



Stout was purchased as the 2nd high selling yearling at the 2014 Tri-N Charolais (Manitoba) Bull Sale. Stout boasts distinct genetics and is a very deep, fleshy bull with sound feet and excellent marbling. His mother is an exceptional milker (33 / 1%). His calves are robust and gain well. Heifers are feminine and maternal with great udders and superb milk production. 4 year old weight 2680 lbs.  


trin stout.gif

JLP César 97C

Another homegrown bull, César is a half French bull, born in 2015. César is well-muscled, (loin eye 0.77 =1%), very docile and has great feet and legs. His calves are born easily and vigorous with weights corresponding to breed average. His offspring show good weight gain and muscularity. We are confident in the daughters’ breeding quality, as César’s mother was a good milker (27 =10%). 2 year old weight 2500 lbs.



We purchased Bold as the high selling yearling at the 2017 Pleasant Dawn Charolais Farm (Manitoba) Bull Sale. Bold has solid genetics and high EPDs with a long, deep body and very docile. He has great feet and legs as well as being homozygous polled. Marbling (0.65 = 15%). We eagerly await the birth of the first calves. 14 month weight 1680 lbs.


pd bold.gif
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