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Group 1 of bulls

Available from february


Group 2 of bulls

Available from june

Females for sale at any time on the farm

Hear it! Hear it! Cattle farmers. Our young Charolais bulls from the 1st group are now all sold. A big thank you to all those who, year after year, show us their confidence by purchasing one of our animals. Also, if you plan to get a young bull soon, around twenty subjects from the 2nd group will be ready for your mating, after qualification, at the end of June 2020. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm.

Jean-Pierre Patry   

819 877-2450

Pierre-Marc Patry   

819 345-7643

Myrianne Lessard   

819 877-2906

La Ferme Patry de Weedon
1981, rang 2 Nord

Weedon (QC) J0B 3J0 

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